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  • How to order? You can pick the items and add it to shopping cart and then you can choose the option of payment for which we accept Bank Transfer (T/T) all the wire transfer instructions you can easily download that document from the payment option page or you can also choose other options like Western Union (they accept credit cards), We accept PayPal payment directly through our PayPal account. We are flexible to this you can always contact us if you want to pay by some other method.
  • If you are sell wholesale to shops, stores or participate in Jewellery Fairs or Jewellery Shows, we would be willing to offer volume discounts. Please email at with complete information. If you are bulk buyer, average buying of more than 10 kilos a month, then please email us separately stating your exact requirement in stones, designs and tentative pricing per gram range your company would like to purchase. Please contact us for bigger quantities.
  • Our pieces are completely handmade by our gifted artisans with the finest silverworks and hand-cut gemstones. Each piece is unique and cannot be exactly duplicated, so if you see a piece that fascinates you, please be sure not to miss it. There is nothing more special than wearing a truly unique piece of artistry. ALL THE ITEMS ARE IN SOLID 92.5% STERLING SILVER WITH REAL GEMSTONES IN IT.
  • Payment Method: T/T (Wire Transfer), Western Union, PAYPAL or any other payment method according to the convenience of the buyer.
  • Goods will be sent through Air freight (FedEx, DHL, EMS and UPS) or any other freight service as per buyer"s requirement.
  • Delivery time will be 3-4 weeks from the day the payment is received.
  • Shipping fees will be paid by the buyer. Depending on quantity it’s very nominal
  • Incase of any Damaged or Defected item we are happy to take it back and either we will refund you or send you its replacement.
  • A leader is always followed, and so is our company. Sometimes it’s good but many times it leads to piracy of content, stealing of our photos and stealing whole content of our site. Be careful of cheap imitation sites which steal our photos and content in order to take your order and eat your money up or give you poor quality.